3 Ways Matthew McConaughey can Improve Your Work Ethic

interstellar_aAs Interstellar begins its run in theaters, I wanted to look back at how Hollywood celebrates Matthew McConaughey at the American Cinematheque Gala.  This article helps me decipher how the actor’s success can lead to success at work. No matter what you work at, these tips should help you consider a refreshed approach to your day.

The recent article from the Hollywood Reporter quotes the director of Interstellar, Christopher Nolan,

“I think Matthew’s success of late is the rest of us catching up to what he’s been doing. I’m very proud to know him.” Then he adds, “I’ve never worked with an actor so relentless in his pursuit of truth in everything he does.”

When co-workers or collaborators say this sort of thing about his work, it makes sense to ask, “How can I up my game like Matthew McConaughey to produce quality work that yields fantastic feedback?”

Even Anne Hathaway praised the actor for his generosity as an on-screen partner.

“You are present. When you look at someone, you really take them in.”

What others see as “generosity” and “pursuit of truth” is truly his focus on work ethic at its best. A genuine sense of loyalty to the process, to the story, will have a lasting effect on those collaborating with you.

Work ethic affects our daily sense of accomplishment, so here are 3 applicable ways to improve your work ethic as inspired by Matthew McConaughey’s growing legacy:

1) First and foremost, work at what you LOVE.

If you can’t right now, love where you’re at, so that it prepares you for where you want to be. If you can’t love what you do, the rest of this article won’t make sense. So, get lovin’ your job already or find one you can grow to love.

2) Pay attention to detail.

So maybe do an extra revision of your customer email or double check the last timecode on your recent soundtrack. Making a choice for specificity in anything you do gives a sense of tending to a part of your world that may otherwise get ignored.

3) Persevere and work with Integrity

If you work at your highest level, even when no one is looking then you’ll perform better under pressure. The old adage applies: “Be your worst critic.” Don’t half-ass anything! Even on your worst days, and I know we all have them. So push yourself so that at the end of your day you can say, “I gave it my best.”

If you watch this clip of Matthew speaking to the Texas Longhorns college football team, you get a real sense of how Matthew’s approach to work, can inspire an improvement to your work ethic.

Even Lincoln Motors is getting the last laugh…as they agree with me on how Matthew’s work ethic represents a less abstract notion of high quality work.

In this video you get an inside look at the Lincoln commercials that use his apparent flair for a huge financial boost in their business.

Here’s my main point: Pay attention to how Matthew McConaughey works, and apply these principles with your own intensity where you work and reap the subtle, but gradual benefits.

That’s how you MaJeliv!


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