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More than an Actor’s Blog…an Actor’s Chronicles through life…


Simply MaJeliv, Simply Enough

My blog has changed and evolved just as I have. The MaJeLiv Flow is now simply “MaJeliv”. It has truly played a key role in my creative surge of course, but mostly in focusing my online presence.

For so long I wondered how to sharpen my message….”what I’m I about? Why am I taking time to write?”

MaJeliv began as an acronym of our kids’ names and this evolved to mean Make Jesus’s Light visible,

and there so many ways of doing that…

…mainly through words of love and sincerity… Sharing entertaining stories and anecdotes that educate, uplift and impact culture for positive change


  • All things dealing with the craft and business of acting,
  • Reflections/reviews on films and the film industry
  • News on entertainment that draws out what I hope to be fascinating conclusions or questions about current events
  • The importance of responsible artistry where an actor tends to his business and overall wellness…

More then an Actor’s Blog… also MaJeliv Wellness…

(Who knows this might spin off into its own website some day…)

  • I definitely will share what I do to live a healthier lifestyle, focusing on health for the mind, body and soul.

In short,

“MaJeliv brings the spark of hope to dark places. This blog will chronicle my career happenings but most of all offer vital information to anyone looking to read worthwhile content on acting and wellness in general.”

So please read on, Stay Healthy my friends and MaJeliv with what you do at Godspeed!

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6 thoughts on ““MaJeliv” Actor Chronicles

  • Kristina

    Hi Jose, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I know a few filmmakers & actors and will forward your URL to them, as it looks like you have some good stuff here!


    Jose Miguel Vasquez Reply:

    Sorry I’ve not posted in so long! But I am back and posting again. Hope you will continue to follow my work. i certainly admire yours! See you around.


  • Chris - Merchant of New York City

    Don’t give up! I saw your entry on Jon Ochs’ Blog. I gained a lot of insight from the arts when studying business. You have my email in the comments. Continue to learn with Jon, but feel free to hit me up for any help with his material and to network.

    Also, check out Smartist Blog. It’s the only site I know of that caters to the art crowd. Might not be film-centric but maybe you can vibe with the artist POV. Went to this site to check out info for a sketch artist I know and visit from time to time.


  • Family Q

    Hi Jose, we are proud of you and we are sure that you will achieve your goals, great people only deserve great things in life; God bless you and your beautiful family. Your family from Canada .


  • JMV

    I’m so blessed to have your support. As I build my dreams I know I don’t do it alone. This is just the beginning. I know the journey will be long but I will enjoy every step. Plus, I’ll make sure to tell some great stories along the way


  • Jennifer Vasquez

    I am blessed to be the one that gets to live so many things by your side. I am so proud of all of your accomplishments and your hard work. Keep fighting and never forget how much I believe in you. From our favorite movie “I believe in you peter..” Love you always