As the 30 for 30 film on Bo Jackson came to an end. I watched as the short lived legend sharpened one of his arrows in what he calls his “Man Cave”.

“Bo Jackson”. Goodness, if only I had been old enough and wise enough to lookout for the man, the athlete, the legend that stunned the world with his Hercules-like abilities.

That’s what I remember thinking watching this documentary:

“This guy’s the closest thing to a demigod!”

The only reason his career came to a halt…his “Achilles Tendon“:

His Power. His strength. 

When you watch footage of the tackle that dislocated his hip, you can clearly see how the power of his run caused the career ending injury.

Look at it below at minute mark 6:05…

And yet no one, could even tell!! This man was walking on a hip he dislocated, then popped back into place himself in order to get off the field!

Up until now, I was only this impressed with the likes of Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Michael Phelps.

I highly recommend this film presented by ESPN. Not only does it educate on sports history and pop culture, but it lends for some highly specific life perspective.

LONG QUOTES inspired by Bo Jackson film:

“When you go up to bat, don’t swing for the home run, swing with every bit of intention to make contact and the power of intention may drive that ball over the fence…and if it doesn’t, you will certainly make contact just the same. The ball will go past the defense and make you run for a lasting impact.” 

SHORTER QUOTES inspired by Bo Jackson:

“Run like its your last and train like you’ll run forever, that’s the stuff legends do to never die.”

“The greatest of athlete’s still carries the vulnerability of humanity and can only truly embrace his greatness if he acknowledges how temporary it all really is.”

“I now know Bo and Bo still Inspires.”


Closing thoughts…


Listen up…God gives us one life to maximize our flow, our purpose. Find it and go for it! And when you fail, because you will, NEVER GIVE UP, Bo not only overcame rehab, but returned to baseball to hit a home run at his first at bat!!  Never give up your power to your doubt and fear. We are fully equipped to overcome, to do the impossible.


JMV MaJeLiv. Peace out.


here’s some fun:

Who would you vote for: Best 2 sport-athlete? Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders? Vote in comment box…

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