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This main category breaks down into the sections of life that effect the artist. Here you will find a variety of reflections all meant to make sense of the wackiness of life.

7 Job Interview Tips from a Working Actor

My 6 years of work as an actor contributed to this article. I’ve gathered these tips from a fusion of my work experience and from looking into what and have to say on the topic of job interviewing.

Visualize the Job…

These tips will work as long as you are applying for a job you will enjoy… a job you can actually visualize yourself doing with a smile on your face…

The skills used by an actor, transferable into any job interview, are:


“Giving”, Why Share This 3 Minute Commercial?

This 3 minute spot, “Giving” from a Thai Telecommunications company exemplifies what MaJeliv is all about. “Giving” spot These videos are great and like Gawker says: “It puts…Hollywood Films to shame,” to some respect. What do you think? Can you think of any films that exemplify this amount of heart? Considering our human condition as [...]



Passion: “With a Piece of Chalk”

this short film inspired me to write about our passion, our design to shine our light. So before heading off to another adventure i made sure to reach out to you and share this film that touched my heart.

4 Things Men can learn from Superman

4 Things Men can learn from Superman. Sure there are plenty of real life role models and heroes that men can look to in order to better themselves for their families and their communities. But as the hype for this film rises and I’m just so pumped about it, I wonder…why? This article explores 4 things Superman can challenge us to consider.

Superman boy