Reflections on “Investing in the Future” 1

Reflections on Our Daily Bread

“Investing in the Future”

Today’s Daily Bread focuses on this scripture:

Matthew 6:20
“Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

This scripture makes me reflect on how I spend my time, the use of my talents and money.

I am a stay at home Dad…mostly. I work mostly freelance jobs and this differs greatly from my lovely wife’s great vocation of full time teaching. As a kindergarten teacher, believe it or not, our time is limited. So our focus is on the quality of time and not so much the quantity.

I’d like to say we give it our best to make the best of our time, but sometimes we’re tired.

Sometimes too busy.

Sometimes, the kids…

Sometimes not enough money…


Right now we can say we go to classes together.

We currently attend Dave Ramsey‘s Financial Peace University.

A few months ago we did a 13 week program of Theology of the Body.

The more simple things we enjoy are our coffee in-house dates on Saturday mornings.

And any other time we can spare, we take it, own it and cherish it.

But sometimes, we let time go by without committing fully to the moment..

we cut ourselves short of spending some good time with each other and with God, missing an opportunity to grow what is most precious to us.

…and its always justifiable…(how lame!)

I am blessed to feel like I have more time with my kids than most Dads. So many of the family men I know work full-time (and then some) hours.

What time do they have to read a book? Yet with time, i spent it learning how to manage my time working from home.

I hate when I say: “Just go ahead without me, I’m working right now, I’ll be done soon”

and then, 30 minutes later, they try to pull me away from work and I repeat that stinkin’ phrase

So much time… that I could spend teaching them to serve the community by actually doing it with them

How about sitting side y side and painting, drawing…

watching documentaries…cool movies that get us playing pretend for hours.

These things do occur, sporadically…as I learn to manage my time.

I think I do better as a Dad then a husband…for now at least.

But how awesome to achieve equilibrium!

Personal sudden goal:

“I will read a book to my kids this week and dance with my wife”

This is where I spent most of my time.  Recently, I have come to embrace that my work as a writer is vital to fulfilling my purpose in this life.

Perhaps more than an actor….as a writer I feel an honorable responsibility to contribute

I can write all the time, about so many things.

But it doesn’t pay right now! Not this second, not this day even…

Until God intervenes and helps me bare fruit from my the work I get to put in.

God reveals:  the career of an actor/writer is one of perfecting the pace of a tortoise…

With this reading, i must reflect on recent work given to me.

My getting cast in a local Christian film reminds me of the importance to give my time and talent to the One that has blessed me with the humble means to perform.

And I know I could do more in my church, and in the community in general…

Perhaps, participating in my kids’ school Teach-in. The program where I get to teach kids about what I do and how I do it.

Maybe more charitable storytelling ventures for kids in hospitals and in schools…

Some good food for thought…

I invest in my family.

I am not your usual big time, super-man provider. I spent most of my time at home, building a dream that goes beyond anything tangible.

It takes time, effort and love for the four people around me.

I can sense God’s presence, right here, right now, with me fully, and I can hear the unspoken words of my family as they ask me to be there for them.

I seek wisdom, to balance work and family life.

I invest in this time with you, my audience and with God, so that I can learn and grow in the wisdom I seek.

I pray for the patience and resilience through out my tortoise-like pace.

Final thought and humble suggestion:

“Men, Dads, though we are hares at heart, seek God’s counsel so you may know the ways of the tortoise. In fact, slow down for now and let this song by Sanctus Real hit you deep in your core.”


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One thought on “Reflections on “Investing in the Future”

  • Paula Vasquez

    Beautiful Song! Beautiful Reflection! May God continue to give you the strength and perseverance you need to be a Husband, a Father and his talented son. Love you my dear brother!