“Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson present The Adventures of Tintin” YEAH! 3

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson created some of my favorite films. Only in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine a film that incorporates both their creative vision. It’s not a George Lucas and Spielberg combo, many will agree that Spielberg exceeds Lucas as a director. Lucas undoubtedly excels in his storytelling as a writer/producer and they have made some classic work together, like the Indiana Jones series. Although, you might agree that the last installment, while entertaining, felt short of capturing our hearts as another great addition to the Indiana Jones series.

But what kind of visual spectacle can two great directors like Spielberg and Peter Jackson bring?

For some time now, fans of Spielberg and Jackson have anticipated their work on The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn. Today you get to see the trailer I found on laughingsquid.com:

In the credits at the end of the trailer you will see John Williams composed the music. This is monumental! For as long as my kids have had the ability to call me Daddy, I’ve instilled in them the greatness that is John Williams. And now we have the chance to share in a film this coming Christmas that will be the ultimate hybrid in movie making.

A film produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Daniel Craig. You probably remember him as the recent James Bond and Holocaust hero in Defiance.  We will also hear the work of Andy Serkis who plays Kong in King Kong and Gollum in the LOTR trilogy. Then there’s Jamie Bell as Tintin, you saw him with Daniel Craig in Defiance. Plus, an original film score composed by the great John Williams as its lifeline!? Ladies and gentleman, dare I say, we have the potential for another Spielberg classic?

As much weight as I usually give the writers I wonder how much say Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish actually had in the end? Steven Moffat has had recent success with the BBC mini series “Sherlock” and Edgar Wright is best known for Scott Pilgrim vs the World, but still in the end I speculate Spielberg and Jackson tweaked things to make a great story, an unforgettable holiday classic. But will it work? I have faith in the film making genius duo, do you?

Let me know how you feel about this 3D adventure coming up on December 23rd 2011.  Will you go see this at the movies?

Also, I’m a bit curious, What is your favorite Spielberg film?

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3 thoughts on ““Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson present The Adventures of Tintin” YEAH!

  • Jennifer Vasquez

    Hmmmm…looks like we have yet another film to see…looking good…the preview didn’t show very much but with the names involved, it may be a good one. Looking forward to a more detailed preview.


  • Matt Crawley

    Yes, I’m excited. Totally curious about the combination of Jackson and Spielberg, and I just saw this trailer a couple days ago before Kung Fu Panda 2.

    It’s a little hard to tell what’s going on just from the trailer…and the film style may well be completely annoying to withstand for two full hours.

    But I’m in. I’ll be in line, and I’ll be pulling for TinTin to be amazing.


  • Maggie

    I love John Williams too and I didn’t even need my father to instill it in me. He’s a genius who has written countless musical scores that are forever part of the movie landscape. The Tintin movie looks very promising and if it’s even half as good as the books, it should be great when it comes out this December.